New Event! — MessageFormat Virtual Open House

The Unicode Consortium is pleased to announce its upcoming event

Tuesday, February 20, 2024, starting at 9 am (San Francisco), 12 pm (New York), and 6 pm (Berlin) Register Now

About MessageFormat
MessageFormat is a critical API for anyone interested in building fluent, accessible, and well-localized applications. Any part of the user interface that displays data or varies dynamically at runtime needs to provide for the formatting requirements of the locale and the grammatical needs of the user’s language. As such, MessageFormat is “table stakes” for internationalizing applications.

The MessageFormat Working Group is a part of the CLDR Technical Committee of Unicode. After several years of work, they have produced a Technical Preview for MessageFormat 2.0, a next-generation specification designed to address critical gaps in current formatting solutions, provide access to new international

Now that the specification is close to being stabilized, the MessageFormat Working Group would like to engage with interested members of the internationalization, developer, localization, and translation communities.

If you are a platform, framework, and programming language developer, localization manager, engineer, or translator, you will want to join us for this virtual Open House event to hear more about the progress achieved, and to bring your questions to the people involved.

About the Session Host
Addison Phillips is the Chair of the Message Formatting Working Group. He is also the chair of the W3C Internationalization Working Group and an active participant in the creation of internationalization standards such as Unicode. He is a co-author of IETF BCP 47, which is the standard for language and locale identifiers.

Registration is Open Now! Please note this session will also be recorded and available via the Unicode YouTube channel.

Who Should Attend?
• Platform, framework, and programming language developers (want to expose a proven, performant, and correct I18N solution to developers)
• Software developers (want to internationalize their apps via clean, easy-to-use, portable solutions; want to improve I18N libraries)
February 2024 |
• Localization managers, engineers, translators (want to have a consistent, easy-to-use syntax that respects linguistic requirements)
• Localization tooling makers, such as CAT tools or MT solutions (want to have a single, portable, reliable syntax that tools can understand and processed effectively and consistently)
• Companies making globalized/i18n software;
• UI/UX/CX designers (want to be able to specify the best design and have it adapt to local needs in a highly culturally sensitive way)

Getting Started with MessageFormat
MessageFormat Repository
Why MessageFormat v2?
Goals & Deliverables
Draft Specification and Syntax
UTW MessageFormat v2 – YouTube Video

About the Unicode Consortium
The Unicode Consortium is the premier non-profit open source, open standards body for the internationalization of all software and services.

For more than 30 years, the Unicode Consortium has coordinated the efforts of a worldwide team of volunteer programmers and linguists to standardize, evolve, and maintain a global software foundation that allows virtually every computer system and service to help people connect using their native language.

For additional information about Unicode, visit

Additional Unicode Resources
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