Supercharge ROI With AI Translation: DeepL’s economic impact study by Forrester

Global leader in Language AI, DeepL, has released the findings of a comprehensive study recently conducted by Forrester Consulting. The 2024 study evaluated the benefits, risks, costs, and flexibility for businesses using DeepL’s AI translation technology. 

The results demonstrate that, with DeepL, the composite organization achieved significant cost savings while streamlining team efficiency. In this article, we’ll highlight the transformative effect of DeepL’s advanced AI technology on translation and its impact on enterprise’s bottom line.

The study reported a myriad of business metrics for the composite organization, including:

  • 90% decrease in internal document translation time
  • 345% return-on-investment (ROI) over three years
  • 50% reduction in translation workloads 
  • Workflow cost savings of €227,430 over three years
  • Efficiency savings of €2.8 million over three years

These metrics underscore the revolutionary impact of AI translation on global business success. DeepL empowered companies to significantly increase ROI while also reducing internal translation time and workloads. This freed up time for in-house staff and allowed them to maintain high-quality translations while focusing on other tasks. Additionally, DeepL decreased the number of document translation tasks handled externally—which led to greater efficiency and cost savings.

Before using DeepL, the surveyed businesses faced several challenges, including:

  • Time-consuming translation processes
  • A lack of trust in the quality of translations
  • Compliance and security considerations

DeepL addressed all these challenges, and more—resulting in significant cost savings and improved employee morale. In fact, employees from the surveyed organizations highlighted the increased efficiency DeepL provided and its impact on their day-to-day workflows. 

A surveyed software application lead stated, “We save time resolving complaints with DeepL, which translates into cost reduction or profit realization. . . there is no time spent [manually trying to understand what has happened], we can now spend time on more diverse, value-added work and be more productive.”

Ultimately, DeepL demonstrated the transformative impact of its AI technology on ‌translation processes for enterprise operations. The results of the Forrester study clearly highlight the significant cost savings and efficiency improvements that were achieved through the adoption of DeepL. 

With DeepL’s AI translations, businesses can accelerate international expansion and improve overall internal and external communication efficiency. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your global business communication.

Access the full Total Economic Impact™ study to learn how AI translation can empower your business.

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