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The Week in Review: August 25, 2023

Meta made quite a splash this week with the announcement of SeamlessM4T — a multimodal translation tool that allows users to undergo speech-to-speech translation...

The presence of Catalan in language learning apps

Catalan, my language, is again in a sadly paradoxical situation. While it is spoken by 10 million people in the world, is native in parts of four European states, and is the only language with official status in Andorra —which means it is recognized by the United Nations— it suffers discrimination that is difficult to understand either in qualitative or quantitative terms.

The missed chance with Catalan

Catalan is a language that companies seeking to expand their services ignore at their peril.

Homage to Catalonia

The first thought that came to my head upon witnessing events in Catalonia during the independence referendum on October 1 was to wonder whether anyone in the Madrid government had ever read a history book. If even one of them had, they might well have avoided what has become a strategic and PR blunder of possibly historic scale, handing Catalan nationalism a huge boost in the process.

So, Not Enough Basque (Euskara) Understanding?

Spanish-related topics are always hot, and not just in Europe. Catalonian separation, economic turmoil, my eight-year old sporting a Barcelona football (soccer) shirt, it's all...