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Nearly half of global consumers frustrated by the English language dominance...

Nearly half (44%) of global consumers are frustrated by the dominance of the English language on the internet and technology, a new report by RWS has revealed.

A new policy for Nigerian languages in the country’s education system

Nigeria is home to more languages than all but two countries on Earth. Still, primary school students in the West African nation have been...

Global Interpreting Services Launches Program to Bridge Communication Gaps

Global Interpreting Services Launches Program to Bridge Communication Gaps eLearning course designed to teach law enforcement to effectively communicate  CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.: Global Interpreting Services...

How French made its mark on the English language

An estimated 80,000 English words are of French origin, with expressions like “c’est la vie” or “je ne sais quoi” a common part of English vocabulary. But how did that particular language have such a profound influence on its linguistic cousin?

Word Tips survey sheds light on Americans’ interest in foreign languages

“There is a preconceived notion among the international community that Americans are not good with learning other languages, and our respondents’ results on this quiz did little to dispel this stereotype,” the Word Tips team wrote in a recent blog post exploring the survey results.

Differences between US and UK English that language professionals should know

The different dialects of English present an interesting challenge for professionals working in language services. We’ve selected three key areas in which US and UK English — two particularly prominent dialects of the language — differ.

Hong Kong legal system ditches English translations

A recent South China Morning Post report suggests that Hong Kong’s legal system has not been adequately transparent about providing English-language judgments in recent months.

The Economist shares data on English’s role in global pop culture

Data journalists at The Economist used information from Spotify to identify several trends in how local communities across the world listen to music — while English-language music remains quite popular worldwide, its popularity appears to be declining, as local audiences begin to turn more to music performed in their native language.

Court of Justice sees case over Tesco food label translations

A court case focused on the British grocery chain Tesco’s food label translations has reached the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the highest court in the EU.

Literary translation organizations develop mentorship opportunity for Arabic-English translators

The partnership between the two organizations will include several workshops and mentorship opportunities, to be launched over the course of the next 18 months. The United Arab Emirates-based secretary general of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, Dr. Ali Bin Tamim said that the initiative will help develop and promote a network of Arab translators throughout the United Kingdom.

New resource for language professionals translating for English- or French-speaking Canadian...

Ottawa, Canada – Do you need to translate for a Canadian audience? We’ve got you covered! “Translating for Canada, eh?” is a free ebook...

Helsinki Mayor Wants to Declare City an English-Speaking Area

The mayor of Helsinki, Finland attracted no small amount of controversy recently with a suggestion from the city’s mayor that the capital rebrand itself...