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Helsinki Mayor Wants to Declare City an English-Speaking Area

The mayor of Helsinki, Finland attracted no small amount of controversy recently with a suggestion from the city’s mayor that the capital rebrand itself...
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OpenAI Develops English to Code Translation System

On Aug. 10, OpenAI released an improved version of its Codex AI model to developers — Codex AI can translate commands written in natural,...

The Need for Multilingual Science-Focused Content

It’s no secret that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the importance of science literacy and the problems surrounding limited language access...

Are five languages enough to guarantee global success?

According to statistics from the UN, the countries of the G7 alone account for more than 46% of global gross domestic product and represent approximately 58% of global net wealth. Businesses looking for global success would do well, therefore, to start with conquering the business environments of the G7.