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Tony Cheng

Tony Cheng

"I look forward to more opportunities to help remove any barriers caused by language, and am elated to continue evangelizing the importance of localization."

Helsinki Mayor Wants to Declare City an English-Speaking Area

The mayor of Helsinki, Finland attracted no small amount of controversy recently with a suggestion from the city’s mayor that the capital rebrand itself...

Afghan Interpreters Seek Special Immigrant Visas

Editor's note: This story was originally published in April and has been updated. The Biden administration announced on July 8 that flights to evacuate some...

ATC Publishes Post-Brexit Guide for Language Industry

In light of the looming post-Brexit immigration rules, the ATC has released a blog post describing the implications for translators and interpreters migrating to...

Why US citizens should embrace Spanish

The United States has no official language. While English certainly serves as the de facto language, Spanish continues to grow as a primary and secondary tongue among the nation’s inhabitants. MultiLingual's just-released edition on Spanish details the importance of the language around the rest of the world, too.