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Unbabel launches next-generation language operations platform, offering the first holistic approach...

SAN FRANCISCO — Unbabel, the AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform that helps businesses deliver multilingual customer experience at scale, today announced the release of...

Unbabel acquires Bablic to further transform translation into high value enabler...

The deal expands Unbabel’s translation management capabilities with its unprecedented quality intelligence feature, driving SEO and lead generation for customers with reliable web translation SAN...

The Presentation of Novelty for the Common Good

I celebrate when someone comes up with something new for the common good, and I always stress the importance of clear definitions so that everyone involved receives exactly the same message. In terms of new concepts that may replace or add value to the old ones, once brought to the public eye, localizing the content is a must, especially if such novelty aims at changes that would affect an industry to a global scale. And nothing is more global than the language industry.

The LangOps Paradigm: Perceptions of machine translation within the translation industry

Introduction and background After attending GALA 2022 in April, I began to wonder if there was a gap in the way different stakeholder groups within the translation industry perceive machine translation (MT) and its usefulness. At the conference — which brought together the leaders of language service providers (LSPs) from around the world — I noticed that many of the presentations were on the topic of MT and artificial intelligence (AI), and the transformational opportunities enabled by this technology.

On the Origin of LangOps: The evolution of the localization roadmap

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz in the industry about something called “LangOps” (short form for “language operations,” a term that’s admittedly a bit of a mouthful). Of course, you probably don’t need me to tell you that — if you’ve been flipping through the pages of this magazine (or scrolling through the digital version, for that matter), you’ve no doubt been following commentary on this budding concept, from experts like Arthur Wetzel and Renato Beninatto.

LangOps. Pipe Dream, LSP´s Heaven or Just a New Hashtag?

Sometimes things become reality if you only put the right label on it. With that, the view on the real concept itself often becomes blurry or too shiny to recognize its real value. Let’s have a look into the newly created notion of LangOps, or ContentOps. As the world becomes more globalized, language is crucial for many companies as they connect with clients internationally.

Communicating with your customers no matter what language they speak

For too long, growing businesses have struggled to appeal to their global prospects and customers, unless they’ve invested heavily in native talent that can speak the local language.

LangOps Universe 2022: Deliver a multilingual CX

Unbabel’s flagship summit returns for a second year on 2 November but this time in person (at our office in Lisbon) and online! Coinciding with the week of Web Summit, join us as we explore how to successfully, and cost-effectively, build out a custom global CX strategy that resonates with all your markets, and showcase scenarios of big brands that have achieved this.

Launching Language Operations (LangOps): A Unified Language Strategy to Unleash Growth

Sponsored: We’ve been working hard to change the future of language and its impact on your business. We’re now introducing a new technology category:...