The Euro of Gibberish

Dive into the early days of Google Translate, where machine translation was more Wild West than refined art. Brookes reminisces about a time when translated text resembled a rollercoaster of linguistic twists and turns, more baffling than enlightening. Join him on a humorous exploration of the challenges and charm of Google's early attempts to bridge languages, as he discovers its unintentional creation of a universal gibberish.

Swiss AI dubbing startup initiates ethical code of artificial intelligence use in translations

ROTKEUZ, Switzerland — vidby, a Swiss startup for AI-powered translation and dubbing, urges colleagues to direct their efforts on creating a code of ethical...

AI is learning how to do your linguistics homework

“Children easily acquire language from quantities of data that are modest by the standards of modern artificial intelligence (AI),” reads a paper published in Nature Communications earlier this week.

Study Highlights Need for Education in Native Language

In one of the largest studies of written language development among bilingual students to date, a team of researchers at universities across the United...

Red Talk, Blue Talk

Whatever the causes, in the United States, conservatives and liberals have splintered into factions that speak different languages, in an almost literal sense — and it seems to be a trend that is spilling over into the rest of the world as well.

Federal police presence in Portland highlights fragmented American cultures

Portland, Oregon, is known for its bicycle culture, its book culture, and its general funkiness. It has a reputation among many of its residents...