AVTpro Badge to Appear on The POOOL and Profiles

The partnership between The POOOL,, and AVTpro Certification enhances media localization professionals' visibility. announces new pro bono translation and interpreting service, the world’s biggest translation network and networking marketplace, is mobilizing volunteers to offer free (or “pro bono”) translation and interpreting services to nonprofits across the globe in a wide range of sectors.

Textum Translations’ Global Survey Reveals the Biggest Challenges Faced by LSPs

Good linguists are always in great demand. There are certainly many different approaches to vendor managers' never-ending task of finding them. “We wanted to...

Will you make the Ukrainian Language Pledge?

Worried about imploding markets and the long-term effects of the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine, LocLunch founder Jan Hinrichs came up with the idea of a Ukrainian Language Pledge to pool localization industry resources and help the Ukrainian linguists affected by the conflict.