Anuvadak Platform Translates India’s MyGov COVID Site

The expansion of COVID-19 information now to include 10 of India’s 22 official languages will ensure millions of Indian internet users access to vital information. Reverie Language Technologies hopes this is just the beginning for Anuvadak, its website localization AI.

In the effort boost access to the internet among India’s multitude of languages, Reverie Language Technologies has leveraged its machine translation AI Anuvadak to automatically publish the MyGov COVID-19 page in ten Indian languages.

Launched as a platform to publish websites in Indian languages, Anuvadak accelerates the process of localizing content to better serve the needs of 536 million Indian-language internet users. Along with translating language using neural machine translation, the platform can also automatically update websites, manage workflows, and optimize SEO search results using built-in web analytics.

“It is a platform that accelerates the process of creating, launching, and optimizing your website in multiple languages,” said Reverie Language Technologies CEO and Co-founder Arvind Pani in a recent interview. “The platform enables you to connect with customers in their language with faster go-to-market and effortless content management. Anuvadak can scale down the website localization time by 40% and can save as much as 60% of the localization and content management costs.”

After winning the QPrize in 2011, Reverie Language Technologies became the first company to offer language computing solutions for all 22 official Indian languages. However, despite India’s claim to the world’s second-largest English-speaking population, only around 10% of the Indian population speak English. Accordingly, the vast number of internet resources serve a minority of Indian internet users.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, access to information one’s native language is still vital globally, and many around the world are calling for efforts to deliver information in a timely manner. The increased language capacity on India’s MyGov website will play a major role in disseminating life-saving information as epidemiologists gather new information about the virus. Furthermore, an internet with broader localization strategies will ensure Indian internet-users with more equal access to opportunities in business, education, and cultural exchange.

“We are focused on building products to address all user engagement aspects, be it input, search, voice, translation, or localization,” said Pani. “We plan to empower more number of the rapidly rising Indian-language users with our language by enabling large businesses and governments to connect with more people in regional languages.”

Although a great effort is still needed to deliver access to information through the internet and technology to India’s diverse language speakers, Anuvadak will contribute to the broader effort to serve Indian internet users.


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