Carved in wood: endangered alphabets

Languages are constantly changing. But that change sometimes mean that a language dies. Much has been written about this in books, blogs, articles. Something that gets lost in that discussion is that there are also dying alphabets associated with those languages.

A recent article in The Atlantic led me to Tim Brookes who is bringing this topic to our attention. Beautifully.

On Brookes’s website he notes that he is raising money to finish to project. He is asking for just over $3,700 (as of today) by August 18. Donors with gifts over a certain amount receive premiums.


Donna Parrish
Publisher of MultiLingual, Donna Parrish is also co-organizer of the LocWorld conferences. Coming into the language industry from a background of mathematics and computer programming, she has an appreciation for the wizardry of language technology and an awe for linguists.

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