Introducing Phrase Expert: Your AI-Powered Virtual Localization Partner

Phrase, a global leader in cloud-based localization technology, today released Phrase Expert, a dedicated custom GPT model exclusively accessible on OpenAI’s GPT Store. As language technology is increasingly prioritized by C-Suite executives, this latest innovation is built to help people find best practices and guidance for many related questions. It’s especially valuable for those looking to kick-start, elevate, and refine their localization programs by navigating the complexities of global content strategies and enterprise localization.

Dr. Alon Lavie, VP of AI Research at Phrase, states, “Generative AI (GenAI) is transforming the way the Phrase Localization Suite drives automated enterprise localization at scale and speed. Our new Phrase Expert demonstrates the power of what can be delivered using GenAI. It paves the way for customers to easily learn how to solve their most complex localization problems and uncover the rich and varied use cases that the latest technology can deliver.” 

Phrase Expert can help users who want to learn more about the unique challenges and requirements of localization within specific industries including tech, e-commerce, finance, manufacturing, travel, and retail, or who want to understand the cultural and linguistic nuances critical to global market success. The custom GPT is built to help users research best practices and refine use cases to support business objectives. It also provides insights into effective project management methodologies as well as facilitating quality assurance in localization processes.

Additionally, Phrase Expert will answer questions about Phrase and the Phrase Localization Suite. This feature is particularly useful for those seeking to understand the full breadth of the platform’s features, integration capabilities, and how to leverage it for specific localization needs. Whether it’s streamlining workflows, grasping language-specific nuances, or optimizing localization processes, Phrase Expert provides tailored answers and insights.

“Phrase Expert is not just a tool; it serves as a gateway to understanding advanced localization strategies and technology. It’s designed to guide, advise, and empower our users, making the complex world of localization more accessible than ever, “ concludes Dr. Lavie.

The introduction of Phrase Expert is a key milestone in Phrase’s broader AI initiatives. It represents just one of a series of exciting, GenAI localization-focused solutions that Phrase plans to unveil in the near future.

Be among the first to experience your new virtual partner in global content and localization strategy excellence. Visit the OpenAI GPT Store to access Phrase Expert.

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