LanguageWire Debuts New AI Translation Service

LanguageWire, a language service provider begun in 2000 and headquartered in Denmark, launched “LanguageWire Translates,” a new AI-driven translation service, this month. LanguageWire Translates purports to offer instant machine translation with maximum data security. It touts a few of its benefits as one-click translation of either written or drag-and-dropped texts, translations that preserve the document’s original formatting, and cloud-based security infrastructure. The service operates via a monthly subscription model. 

This new system employs LanguageWire’s existing AI technology, which the company claims is approximately 26% more accurate than an unspecified leading third-party vendor. LanguageWire’s NMT system is also ISO 27001-adherent, ensuring information security.

LanguageWire is currently ranked the 29th biggest language service provider by revenue in Nimdzi’s just-released Top 100 report. In the past two years, LanguageWire has made several changes to its executive board: in June of last year, Søren Bech Justesen, who had previously been LanguageWire’s CFO, was promoted to CEO, replacing founder Henrik Lottrup, who remained as a board member. These changes were made after LanguageWire was acquired by CataCap, a private equity fund also based in Denmark. A year later, in 2018, they acquired Xplanation, a Belgian translation management system that had previously been one of the company’s European competitors. This acquisition more than doubled the size of LanguageWire.

In addition to translation, LanguageWire offers different services to optimize a text’s potential: copywriting, proofreading, text editing, and validation. LanguageWire assists businesses in increasing traffic to their websites by connecting them with SEO translators who ensure that their sites are prioritized by search engines in multiple different languages. They also offer several translation connectors for digital platforms, allowing users to use their API to create custom integration to several digital platforms such as Java, PHP, and .NET. All of these services — including the new LanguageWire Translates — are encompassed in the LanguageWire Content Platform.

Michelle Krasovitski
Michelle Krasovitski is a writer based in Toronto. She holds a specialist degree in psycholinguistics from the University of Toronto. Her articles on languages and pop culture have appeared in Business Insider and the Toronto Star.


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