Putting Globalization Strategy Into Practice

After reading the Globalization Strategy Playbook, Inés Rubio San Martín and Satoko Yuda were inspired to utilize data analytics to refine their company’s globalization strategy. Now a year into the project, they share their progress and the successes and challenges they’ve faced along the way.

AI in Globalization

Will globalization go the way of the dinosaurs? Edith Bendermacher and Mimi Moore argue that by exploring new directions, learning from others, and leading change, globalization teams can leverage AI to not just survive, but thrive.

Jonckers and Acclaro to Form New AI-enabled Language Services Powerhouse

Merger combines industry-pioneering AI-powered translation software with leading tech-enabled localization and cultural adaptation specialists Enlarged Group to provide clients latest AI innovations, an...

Nearly half of global consumers frustrated by the English language dominance of the internet and technology

Nearly half (44%) of global consumers are frustrated by the dominance of the English language on the internet and technology, a new report by RWS has revealed.

LangOps. Pipe Dream, LSP´s Heaven or Just a New Hashtag?

Sometimes things become reality if you only put the right label on it. With that, the view on the real concept itself often becomes blurry or too shiny to recognize its real value. Let’s have a look into the newly created notion of LangOps, or ContentOps. As the world becomes more globalized, language is crucial for many companies as they connect with clients internationally.

Zingword begins validating entire translator database

Professional translation services are undergoing a massive paradigm shift. Trust between translation industry stakeholders seems to have been shaken to its core due to the past decades’ practices of decreased payment, lack of security, and the fast pace of the demand versus the long-term strategies needed to ensure reliability between translators and their clients.

ZOO Digital launches industry-first professional development course to train dubbing script adapters

SHEFFIELD / LOS ANGELES, December 16 2021 – ZOO Digital, a leading provider of media globalization services, has launched an industry-first online academic course...

Q&A with Globalization Leader Lyena Solomon on the Globalization Strategy Playbook

In October 2021, a group of 12 globalization professionals published the Globalization Strategy Playbook, a free guide aiming to instruct leaders in the fields...

Translation Trends for 2021: How the industry is shaping up 

Regional translation industry growth trends As the digital realm continuously pushes for more globalized and shared experiences, the global translation industry is predicted to continue...