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Translation Trends for 2021: How the industry is shaping up 

Regional translation industry growth trends As the digital realm continuously pushes for more globalized and shared experiences, the global translation industry is predicted to continue...

Global audiences, social media and content localization

Content localization is a relatively new realm that is rapidly gaining momentum. Its existence is necessary in the modern-day world of marketing if a business wants to reach wider audiences.

How To Scale Your Personalization Strategy & Go Global

Businesses of all shapes and sizes make major personalization blunders on a regular basis. Although the spread and advancement of the internet has made large-scale...

In the future, smart homes will differ from country to country

Soon anything that connects to the internet will become ‘intelligent’. Integration of these technologies vastly differs across the world, cultural preferences and different prioritization all shape which smart home technologies we'll adopt in our homes. Smart home localization is already happening.

Reaching a global audience to maximize your startup’s potential

The pace of globalization is quickening. Startups today have a wider audience at their fingertips than ever before. Technology can help with this, and the next issue of MultiLingual, on startups, will cover this when it goes live in a few days.

Careful globalization navigation

Besides effectively reaching your target audience when successfully localizing your content, what legal, licensing and political conflicts may be triggered? Consider timing, the human element and investigate country-specific regulations around use of language when going global.

Things Are Looking Black For Boring Fridays Worldwide

"Sir, – Does Ireland have to still mimic everything the Americans do? We now have tiresome “Black Friday” retail promotions everywhere in Ireland." A letter...

The Art of Global Brand Localization: Ain't No McJob*

The McDonalds McMór (mór means big or great in Gaeilge ) burger's introduction in Ireland has fallen foul of the local Food Safety Authority. It just wasn't artisan enough for...

Is Your Development Relations Effort Global?

Just back from a very successful visit to Beijing and Singapore where I delivered PaaS for SaaS enablement to local Oracle partners. Oracle Applications User Experience partner enablement is...

Visual Design of UIs Worldwide: Favorite Readings

Visual design of the user interface (UI) is an integral part of delivering a great user experience, be it for consumers, enterprise workers, or...