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Cracking the Belarusian Code: My Experience With the FreeAllWords Initiative

The FreeAllWords initiative has given me a platform to promote Belarusian literature and to encourage authors in exile.

War in Ukraine spurs decline in Russian-language use, survey shows

Just a few months before the war began, 26% of Ukrainians claimed to use Russian as their primary home language. This survey says that number's fallen to just 13%.

Why we say “Kyiv” and not “Kiev”: The difficulty of translating...

Ukraine has become the center of the media’s attention in recent weeks, and while more people seem aware of the connotation of referring to it as “the Ukraine,” another question has popped up regarding the way we refer to Ukraine’s capital: Kyiv or Kiev?

Russia allows companies extra time to adhere to new localization law

Last summer, the government of Russia adopted a law requiring certain large tech companies to adopt a wide-reaching localization protocol. While the law officially went into place on Jan. 1, the country recently announced that it would be lenient in imposing any penalties during the early days of 2022, in order to accommodate companies that have yet to implement the law’s requirements. 

VKontakte Sets Sights on English-speaking Audience, Launches NMT

VKontakte, a popular social media network in Russia and other Russian-speaking regions, has recently launched its own neural machine translation (NMT) model for translating...