Silicon Valley

Yelena Proskurin

"I teach my students to not be afraid of making mistakes. It is through these mistakes that we make well-oiled processes even better and carry the localization industry forward."

Localization Unconference: The First 10 Years

The event is still going strong and is now worldwide; organized by and attended by those interested in localization and related-areas of our industry who want to meet and make connections through the discussion of hot topics or things that normally don’t get on the regular conference circuit agenda.

Minimum Viable Product: Globalization

Yes, been waiting to get a Silicon Valley-style allusion to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) into a blog post for ages. And now, thanks to Java...

#PinkTheValley: Localization Unconference Silicon Valley 2014

Keen followers of mine on Twitter (@localization) will know that I have been tweeting about the start of the Giro d'Italia in Ireland in...

End of PowerPoint Karaoke: The First Localization and Internationalization UnConference

Yes, the first Localization and Internationalization UnConference is being held next month in Silicon Valley. Very Web 2.0. Building on the Mashup Camp experience, Ultan...