Translation Technology Emphasizes UX with Timekettle’s Earbuds

The Offline Speech Translation capabilities of Timekettle's newest M2 Earbuds add to  Timekettle's WT2 Plus translation technology, along with providing many classic earbud functions,...

Are You A Startup Sherpa Or A UX Rockstar? Don’t Believe A Word

Shopping Around For Sherpas Check out this superb article by linguist, lexicographer, columnist, and self-described "all-around word nut"  Ben Zimmer (@bgzimmer) in The Atlantic. Ben discusses the cultural...

Vive La French Tech! Chatbots, French Style

Conversational UI, that natural interaction between human and technology, is a hot topic worldwide, and the localization requirements for creating a great contextual natural user experience are fascinating and challenging, none more so than in the case of chatbots.