A new era of localization begins with Lokalise AI

Lokalise launches its AI-powered translation assistant following successful beta-testing with customers 

Dover, US – September 14, 2023. Lokalise, the leading localization management platform, today announced the launch of its new AI translation assistant

Following successful beta testing, Lokalise AI is now ready to revolutionize every localization process, bridging the gap between machine and human translation without compromising quality. 

Over the past few years, Lokalise has emerged as a clear favorite in the localization market, disrupting the status quo with a dynamic localization and translation management system that streamlines workflows and increases speed to new markets. 

With 3,000+ customers across various industries and of all sizes, Lokalise helps teams localize their software, websites, apps, campaigns, customer support, and more, all in one place.

Workflows are stitched together with automations and more than 50 integrations, to make localization projects run smoothly. 

Now, with generative AI translation, Lokalise can fully automate one of the most time-consuming and costly parts of the localization process: translation. 

Lokalise AI delivers incredibly accurate translations at speed and scale. By adding context, like style, tone of voice, and industry, you can get high-quality translations the first time around. If you need to optimize for SEO or shorten translations for design, you can do that too with just one click. 

Lokalise AI also evaluates translation quality and generates QA reports with pass/fail scores, so you can identify specific issues and get language professionals to focus on errors that are critical. 

“Our closed beta phase was greeted with enthusiasm and remarkable results, underscoring the tool’s readiness for a market that demands speed without sacrificing quality,” commented Nick Ustinov, Co-Founder and CEO of Lokalise. 

Lattice’s Ella Brand, Staff Technical Program Manager and early adopter of Lokalise AI, shared her experience: 

We can translate 2000 words in 20 minutes, which is much much faster than our previous translation process”, 

Petr Antropov, Co-Founder and CEO, added, “Lokalise AI not only makes it easier to significantly increase the scope of localization within the same budget but is also steering the industry towards a future where localized content will transition from being a luxury to a necessity.” 

As Lokalise AI enters the market with a proven track record following successful beta-testing, it brings with it a promise of efficiency and quality that will redefine benchmarks in the localization industry. 


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