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Introducing HULQ from lexiQA

Learn how HULQ aims to support over 200 locales by 2024, promoting linguistic precision and digital inclusivity.

Translator and Tester Simone Toccacieli Predicts an AI Revolution in Gaming

This month, we're featuring Simone Toccacieli, whose background in video game quality assurance gives him a unique perspective on the translation industry. Here, he shares how technology has changed his job for the better.

A new era of localization begins with Lokalise AI

Lokalise launches its AI-powered translation assistant following successful beta-testing with customers  Dover, US – September 14, 2023. Lokalise, the leading localization management platform, today announced...

Quality Translation a Collaborative Approach

COLUMN Quality Translation A Collaborative Approach By Michael R. Cárdenas I think we can all agree that when you contract for a service, you want to receive quality....

Common Sense Advice about Machine Translation and Content

You'd need to be living on the moon if you still don't get it about how data quality impacts machine translation quality (actually, every...