Introducing HULQ from lexiQA

lexiQA is introducing a new initiative for “Harmonized Universal Language Quality” (HULQ), a spellchecking framework designed to revolutionize language quality across the globe. Based on proprietary lexiQA technology, it is fine-tuned to support an impressive range of locales (157 and counting at the time of writing), including those traditionally left out of the digital conversation like Burmese, Oromo, Guaraní, and Palauan. By minimizing false corrections and aiming to eradicate missed errors, HULQ is redefining spellchecking, especially for morphologically rich and low-resource languages.

The aim is to expand coverage to 200 locales by the end of 2024, further cementing lexiQA’s commitment to linguistic precision, on a mission to bridge language gaps and ensure digital inclusivity. Organizations hailing from a region with underrepresented languages are invited to get in touch with lexiQA with the prospect of collaboration. With HULQ, no language will be left behind!

MultiLingual Staff
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