Acolad goes full AI: Frédéric Queudret becomes Chief AI and Technology Officer

  • The language and content leader expands CTO title to fully embrace AI 
  • The move coincides with the launch of group-wide internal AI Ambassador program 

Acolad, global leader in content and language solutions, has just announced the expansion of Frédéric Queudret’s role while simultaneously announcing a group-wide AI Ambassador Program, aimed at leveraging AI technology not just externally but also internally.  

In this role, Queudret will lead the strategic direction of the group’s AI initiatives and further cement Acolad’s position as a frontrunner in the industry. As a visionary leader with an impressive track record, Queudret has demonstrated unparalleled dedication to driving excellence and transformative advancements throughout the Acolad Group. 

AI has been a fundamental part of Acolad’s tech and R&D strategy for quite some time, and a crucial element of its customer offering. Now, the formal inclusion of AI in the CTO’s remit signals the group’s intention to accelerate in the space and upcoming announcements of new services and solution upgrades are to be expected.  

The new role was revealed in parallel with the announcement of a group-wide AI Ambassador program, aimed at fostering AI literacy and championing AI adoption across clients and employees. The Acolad AI Ambassador program underscores the group’s commitment to collaborative innovation and positioning AI as a force for positive change in the language services industry and beyond. 

AI has been very present in Acolad’s strategy, workflows and solutions for a long time,” Queudret says. “Now we’re ready to leverage the new developments and tools and boost our efforts, not just towards our customers but also with our internal teams. We want everyone to be able to benefit from the potential of the technology and to see beyond the hype and the fear it will be detrimental to their jobs.” 

Referring to the AI Ambassador Program, which aims at making AI a part of every workflow at Acolad — be it with customers, partners or internal teams — Queudret states that the company’s policy regarding AI will be one of “no one left behind”, meaning everyone should have access to it and be able to leverage it in their day to day. 

Each team at Acolad will have its own Ambassador, who will act as AI advocate and help raise awareness of its potential within their team, aiming at making AI usage instinctive for everyone — all the while considering the strictest security, compliance and ethical standards, to which Acolad is committed.

With this in mind, the program also aims at creating a framework of best practices — based on the feedback retrieved by the Ambassadors and lessons learned by the multiple Acolad’s tech teams and AI experts working directly with the customers. 

About Acolad 

Acoladis the global leader incontent andlanguage solutions. Its mission is to support companies in every industry to scale across marketsandenable growth through cutting-edgetechnology and localization expertise.Established in 1993, the groupispresent in 25 countries across Europe, North America,and Asia, with over 2,500 employees supported by a network of  more than 20,000 linguists around the world. 

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