Tag Appoints Language-Tech Pioneer Brock Hansen as Head of Localization

Tag, the global creative production and channel activation partner to brands worldwide, announces the appointment of Brock Hansen as the new Head of Localization for Tag Americas.“We’re extremely pleased Brock has joined Tag. His deep understanding and expertise in translation, localization, and language technologies is an immense value to our clients,” shares Toby Codrington, Tag Americas CEO. “In today’s marketplace, brands are continually expanding their reach globally — language is the key to unlock every market. With Brock at the helm, Tag is poised to lead the way in creating content to effectively communicate brands’ messaging across all cultures and languages.”

Hansen’s aptitude for language translation and technology emerged after working with a software construction company in moving their tools to clients in Brazil, where years prior Hansen lived and became Portuguese fluent. Combining his Economics and International Business education with language and tech, Hansen helped progress translation software efficiencies and capabilities for CAD designs, website accessibility and compliance, and medical prescriptions, for notable companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Valero, and CVS. In his most recent role as Globalization Programs and Solutions Manager for Wish, Hansen led a team to build an entire back-end system for managing and controlling content localization.

“My journey through language, tech, and culture has been nothing short of exhilarating, and I’m thrilled to be at Tag,” Hansen comments then adds, “I’ve seen firsthand how successful localization closes gaps to bridge new opportunities across the world. To accomplish that level of translation, its crucial brands continue balancing human insight and expertise with the latest technologies.”

In support of the Language Center of Excellence, Hansen and Language SMEs know human judgment and creativity are highly effective for transcreation and voiceovers, while machine translation (MT) engines and AI-supported tools, such as Tag’s proprietary Digital Interact (DI) platform and its specialized DI Translate, are exceptional tech-enabled language tools. These and other technologies can streamline workflows, reduce cost, and eliminate errors—especially for more rigorous applications, such as for regulatory compliance in pharma.

Whitney Bender, General Manager, Creative Operations at Tag Americas, shares, “Dealing with regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry presents significant challenges for pharma marketers, particularly translation accuracy and compliance checks. That’s why Tag is leveraging technology to streamline the content production processes—to help automate repetitive tasks, standardize workflows, and ensure consistency in translation quality.”

As Tag continues to pivot its Language Center of Excellence solutions holistically to manage large, at-scale translation services for all sectors, Codrington in closing points out, “Brock’s expertise within the language-technology ecosystem is invaluable in creating tailored, optimized linguistic solutions for our clients.”

About Tag: We work with brands to create and deliver impactful content at speed and scale. From creative production and activation to strategic sourcing and delivery, analytics, and subject matter expertise, we transcend digital and physical touchpoints to allow brand content and concepts to travel globally and connect locally, through flexible, tech-enabled solutions

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