“Mario” localization clarifies character’s gender after 20 years

In localized versions of the classic video game "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door," Nintendo is introducing new depth and insight to a key character. 

Navigating Gender Expectations as a Cultural Chameleon

When Marjolein Groot Nibbelink was invited to a wedding in a remote Peruvian village, she faced a dilemma: Should she sit with the men at the table or with the women on benches in the corner?

I Am Woman

These inspiring stories of work and womanhood serve as a celebration of the remarkable ladies in the language field.

How to Localize a Game with Procedurally Generated Text

We recently worked on a few projects featuring procedurally generated text. And since it remains a mysterious process for many people, we created a handy guide. But what is procedural generation, what types exist, and how does one avoid the pitfalls hidden in text generation?

Google Releases Dataset to Address Gender Bias

In an effort to address the gender bias in its neural machine translation (NMT) technologies, Google has recently released a new dataset that appears...

Addressing the Gender Bias in Machine Translation

Google Translate has once again sparked a bit of controversy with users noticing a sexist gender bias in its translations. After a group of...

Multilingual moms rock

Remember to think “diversity” and include gender and roles in your UX research. That includes gender-based and language-based roles in your user research screener. And, bear in mind, “roles” are not always about ‘9 to 5’ jobs, as any full-time parent will tell you.