The Week in Review: June 23, 2023

Ever since ChatGPT’s launch late last year, the tool’s been at the center of conversations around plagiarism and intellectual property — who really owns the content it produces?

Well, ZDNet’s David Gewirtz set out to answer that very question in an article this week. It’s a complex topic that doesn’t have a clear-cut answer, so read on for his exploration of the topic.

Meanwhile, the UN could be getting a new official language. Catch up on that and press releases from Welocalize, Creative Words, and Tomedes, and more down below.

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Bahasa Indonesia May Soon Become an Official Language of the United Nations (via Mashable)

A proposal was recently made to add a new language to the UN’s lineup of official languages: Bahasa Indonesia, also known as the Indonesian language.

If approved this November, Bahasa Indonesia will become the seventh official language of the UN, alongside Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. This would be the first time the UN added an official language since the 1970s, when it added Arabic. 

‘Dutch by default’: Netherlands seeks curbs on English-language university courses (via The Guardian)

A whopping 15% of the students pursuing higher education in the Netherlands are international students. Alongside an increasing number of international students, the country’s universities have also been offering more courses in English to accommodate an English-speaking student population.

But a proposed law could be placing a cap on that — the law would require two-thirds of all educational content in a standard bachelor’s degree be taught in Dutch.

“My starting point is that the language of education is Dutch,” Robbert Dijkgraaf, the country’s education minister, told The Guardian. “There can be room in the curriculum for another language, but my proposal is that it should not be more than a third.”

Who owns the code? If ChatGPT’s AI helps write your app, does it still belong to you? (via ZDNet)

In the terms of service for ChatGPT, OpenAI expressly gives the user ownership of the content created by ChatGPT — but since ChatGPT is trained on data from millions of sources and snippets of code, it has a predisposition for, well, regurgitating that information. This week, ZDNet did a deep dive into the topic.

“Ultimately, until more definitive legal precedents are established, the legal implications of using AI-generated code remain complex and uncertain,” attorney Collen Clark told ZDNet’s David Gewirtz.

Duolingo Uses AI To Revolutionize Learning, Captivate Users, Fuel Explosive Growth (via Investor’s Business Daily)

Duolingo stock has doubled in 2023, an impressive rebound from losses the company suffered in 2021 and 2022. In a report for Investor’s Business Daily, the company credited this growth to the ongoing buzz around generative AI, which the company began implementing in its language learning platform right around the same time that OpenAI launched GPT-4.

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