The Week in Review: September 11, 2023

In this edition of the Week in Review, we bring you a diverse range of stories from around the globe, spanning education, technology, governance, diplomacy, and the ever-evolving world of localization and language.

As Morocco welcomes a new school year with an ambitious plan to expand English language education, we witness a commitment to global connectivity. Meanwhile, Reliance Industries partners with Nvidia to advance AI innovation in India, highlighting the intersection of technology and linguistics. In Scotland, Humza Yousaf’s ambitious legislative agenda takes center stage. Additionally, King Charles’s upcoming state visit to France underscores the significance of diplomacy in our changing world.

We also delve into the latest developments in the localization industry and the exciting realm of natural language processing, offering you a comprehensive view of global trends and innovation.

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New School Year Begins with Morocco’s English Language Expansion Plan (via Morocco World News)

Morocco’s Minister of Education, Chakib Benmoussa, reaffirms the country’s commitment to enhancing English language education, particularly in middle schools, as a means to provide opportunities for its youth and foster global connectivity.

Benmoussa announced plans to expand English teaching in Moroccan middle schools over the next two academic years, building on the successful incorporation of English in the ninth grade.

The initiative aims to increase the number of students benefiting from English language classes, with 28% of first-year and 62% of second-year students set to participate. This expansion aligns with Morocco’s recognition of English’s global importance and its commitment to preparing students for the 21st century.

Reliance Industries Partners with Nvidia to Develop Language Model for India’s Diverse Languages (via Game is Hard)

Reliance Industries, via Jio Platforms, is collaborating with Nvidia to develop a large language model for India’s diverse languages, marking Reliance’s entry into AI. The aim is to create a high-powered AI infrastructure for various stakeholders.

Nvidia will provide AI supercomputing solutions, while Jio will manage the infrastructure. This partnership seeks to empower India with advanced AI capabilities and promote the development of language models tailored to Indian needs. Reliance, known for its oil business, has diversified into technology, while Nvidia has also partnered with Tata Group for AI training.

Humza Yousaf has 14 Bills planned in first Programme for Government (via The Independent)

The Scottish Government, led by Humza Yousaf, plans to introduce 14 Bills in its Programme for Government over the next year. These include legislation to combat misogynistic abuse, establish a new qualifications body and education inspectorate, implement long-term rent controls, and prevent homelessness through a Housing Bill.

A Human Rights Bill will incorporate international rights into Scots law, while a Land Reform Bill aims to increase transparency in land ownership and support rural communities.

King Charles’s French language skills to boost state visit (via BBC)

King Charles is set to address France’s Senate during a state visit, showcasing his language skills after impressing with German earlier this year. Originally planned to strengthen European ties post-Brexit, the trip was postponed due to pension protests. The rescheduled visit will coincide with the Rugby World Cup, possibly featuring meetings with sports stars.

The visit aims to reinforce business, cultural, and military ties with France, including support for Ukraine. It will include ceremonial events hosted by President Macron, and King Charles will become the first British monarch to address the French Senate.

Queen Camilla will launch a literary prize, and environmental concerns will be addressed during the Bordeaux leg of the trip.

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