The Week in Review: September 18, 2023

In this edition of the Week in Review, we bring you a diverse range of stories from AI models to the role of indigenous languages in India, exciting events to come.

In a world where language can profoundly influence decision-making and cognitive processes, a recent study has shed light on the fascinating “foreign language effect.” This phenomenon suggests that switching between languages can enhance rational decision-making, reduce risk aversion, and even improve memory and personality traits.

Meanwhile, the limitations of AI models in distinguishing nonsense from natural language have also come to the forefront, emphasizing the need for caution when relying on AI for important decisions.

Additionally, Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah highlighted the importance of preserving and empowering regional languages alongside Hindi on Hindi Diwas.

Finally, an exciting collaboration between Acolad and Rebrandly brings Nataly Kelly’s new book, “Take Your Company Global: The New Rules of International Expansion,” to the forefront, offering valuable insights into successful global business strategies.

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I couldn’t believe the data’: how thinking in a foreign language improves decision-making (via The Guardian)

Research has shown that speaking another language can have a significant impact on cognitive processes and decision-making. This phenomenon, known as the “foreign language effect,” reveals that individuals who switch between languages can become more utilitarian, flexible, less risk-averse, and egotistical. This effect also extends to memory, as recalling traumatic events in a second language can reduce emotional distress. Additionally, using a foreign language can discourage the creation of false memories and promote more careful and deliberative thinking.

The foreign language effect may even influence personality traits such as tolerance of ambiguity, leading to increased adaptability and creativity. While more research is needed, this phenomenon suggests that switching languages can be a useful tool for altering mindsets, improving decision-making, and fostering open-mindedness in various situations.

AI models struggle to identify nonsense, says study (via

A study conducted by researchers at Columbia University has revealed that AI models, including GPT-2, still struggle to distinguish between nonsense and natural language. The researchers tested nine AI models by presenting them with pairs of sentences and asking which ones were likely to be heard in everyday speech. They compared the AI’s answers to those of 100 human participants and found significant differences. Even sophisticated models like GPT-2 made mistakes, labeling some sentences as meaningful when humans considered them gibberish. This raises concerns about relying on AI systems for important decisions in fields such as law and medicine, as the models still have limitations and blind spots that could be exploited.

Hindi will become medium to empower, promote regional languages: Amit Shah extends Hindi Diwas greetings (via The Times of India)

as India was observing Hindi Diwas on thursday, Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah said Hindi has no competition with other Indian languages, and it will pave the way to make the latter stronger. In his words: ¨”Every indigenous language and dialect are treasures of our country. We can build an empowered nation only by empowering every language. 

Acolad Presents Nataly Kelly’s Rules for International Expansion (via MultiLingual Magazine)

Acolad and Rebrandly have collaborated to introduce Nataly Kelly’s latest book, “Take Your Company Global: The New Rules of International Expansion,” in an exclusive virtual event. Nataly Kelly, Chief Growth Officer at Rebrandly and former VP International Ops and Strategy at HubSpot, shares her expertise in building global businesses and successful market strategies.

The book offers insights into tapping into unexplored market potential, growth opportunities, and market intensification, using real-world examples from companies like Airbnb, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Revolut. The MARACA Model is also explored, focusing on effective market data analysis for expansion opportunities.

The official launch event on September 26th includes an online panel discussion and guest speakers to provide valuable insights for enhancing global expansion strategies.

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